Better Call Saul

First Aired: February 8th 2015
Status: Continuing
Runtime: 60 minutes

We meet him when the man who will become Saul Goodman is known as Jimmy McGill, a small-time lawyer searching for his destiny and, more immediately, hustling to make ends meet. Working alongside, and, often, against Jimmy, is ‘fixer’ Mike Erhmantraut. The series tracks Jimmy's transformation into the man who puts ‘criminal’ in ‘criminal lawyer’.
Barry Shabaka Henley
Bob Odenkirk
Jonathan Banks
Michael Mando
Michael McKean
Patrick Fabian
Raymond Cruz
Rhea Seehorn

Better Call Saul 2x10 Promo Season 2 Episode 10 Finale
Better Call Saul Season 2 Trailer
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Season 3

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May 1st 2015 Genre added by Administrator.
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