Benidorm Bastards

First Aired: March 25th 2010
Status: Ended
Runtime: 20 minutes

'Benidorm Bastards' is an edgy hidden camera show in which 7 elderly people are the protagonists. They go into the streets with only one mission: pulling pranks on the youth. 'Benidorm Bastards' may be seen as the revenge of the third age on the 'Trigger Happy' TV series, in which the victims were mainly senior citizens.
Emiel Ravijts
Gaston Rombauts
Hilda Vleugels
Irène Vervliet
Johan Grootaert
Lea Witvrouwen
Marcel Van Brussel



Season 2

1Episode 12010-10-09                    More info
2Episode 22010-10-16                    More info
3Episode 32010-10-23                    More info
4Episode 42010-10-30                    More info
5Episode 52010-11-06                    More info
6Episode 62010-11-13                    More info
7Episode 72010-11-20                    More info

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