Avengers Assemble (2013)

First Aired: January 1st 1970
Status: Continuing
Runtime: 20 minutes





Season 5

1Shadow of Atlantis (1)2018-09-23                    More info
2Shadow of Atlantis (2)2018-09-23                    More info
3Into the Deep2018-09-30                    More info
4The Panther and the Wolf2018-10-07                    More info
5The Zemo Sanction2018-10-14                    More info
6Mists of Attilan2018-10-21                    More info
7T'challa Royale2018-10-28                    More info
8The Night Has Wings2018-11-04                    More info
9Mask of the Panther2018-11-11                    More info
10The Good Son2018-11-18                    More info
11The Lost Temple2018-11-25                    More info
12Descent of the Shadow2018-12-02                    More info
13The Last Avenger2018-12-02                    More info
14Vibranium Curtain (1)2019-01-06                    More info
15Vibranium Curtain (2)2019-01-06                    More info
16T'Chanda2019-01-13                    More info
17Yemandi2019-01-20                    More info
18Bashenga2019-01-27                    More info
19King Breaker (1)2019-02-10                    More info
20King Breaker (2)2019-02-10                    More info
21Widowmaker2019-02-17                    More info
22Atlantis Attacks2019-02-24                    More info
23House of M2019-02-24                    More info

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