Anime Sanjushi

First Aired: September 10th 1987
Status: Ended
Runtime: 25 minutes
Action and adventureAnimation

D'artagnan leaves Gascone and his grandparents to go to Paris to be a musketeer like his father was. Once there he mets Jean (a litle kid who is Paris searching for his mother), Constance Bonaciuex and of course the three musketeers, the best sword fhigters in France. The four musketeers are going to fight cardinal Rechelieu, Rochefort, the beautifull Milady and the iron mask. The three Musketeers in anime!



Season 2

1Mysterious Iron Mask 1988-07-22                    More info
2Jewel of Actress Nana 1988-08-19                    More info
3Arrest Iron Mask 1988-08-26                    More info
4D`Artagnan`s Failure 1988-09-02                    More info
5Iron Mask`s Challenge 1988-09-09                    More info
6Famous Detective D`Artagnan 1988-09-30                    More info
7Mystery of the Disappeared Tailor 1988-10-07                    More info
8Two Iron Masks 1988-10-14                    More info
9Substituted King 1988-10-21                    More info
10Milady`s Scheme 1988-10-28                    More info
11Aramis` Betrayal 1988-11-11                    More info
12Arrest Athos 1988-11-18                    More info
13Who Is Iron Mask 1988-12-02                    More info
14Aramis` Secret 1988-12-09                    More info
15Rescue Iron Mask 1989-01-06                    More info
16Jean In The Middle of the Flame 1989-01-13                    More info
17Fortress in the Sea 1989-01-20                    More info
18Captured Musketeers 1989-01-27                    More info
19Elephant Crossing Sea 1989-02-03                    More info
20Aramis` Cliffside Duel 1989-02-10                    More info
21Farewell! D`Artagnan 1989-02-17                    More info

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