First Aired: September 30th 2001
Status: Ended
Runtime: 60 minutes
DramaAction and adventureCounter-terrorismMysteryThriller

For seven years, Sydney Bristow believed she was working for a covert branch of the CIA, named SD-6. However, when she tells her fiance of her job, Arvin Sloane, head of SD-6 and an old family friend, has him murdered. With this life-shattering event, Sydney learns not only that SD-6 is a mercenary group of terrorists, but that her father, too, works for SD-6. Sydney then works with the CIA as a double agent, trying to bring down SD-6 with her father, a second double. This is only the beginning of a path of betrayal, murder, lies, and disbelief. Sydney Bristow pushes through trials of love, learns the truth about her mother, loses a friend in an utter form of incredulity, pitfalls herself into months of torture and puzzlement, and is tormented with countless revelations to come.
Amy Acker
Balthazar Getty
Bradley Cooper
Carl Lumbly
David Anders
Elodie Bouchez
Greg Grunberg
Jennifer Garner

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Great series about spies! A lot of action and fighting. If you like Nikita you are going to like Alias too. »
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