Agatha Christie's Partners in Crime

First Aired: October 9th 1983
Status: Ended
Runtime: 60 minutes

This series was set in the 1920's, filmed in the 1980's and is based on a selection of short stories by Dame Agatha Christie. Tommy and Tuppence Beresford are an ideal middle class couple of the 1920's. They have a comfortable life, but have become bored with the ordinary day to day routine. When offered the opportunity to play detective and help out Scotland Yard in the bargain, the couple take up residence in the offices of Blunt's International Detective Agency. Francesca Annis plays Tuppence as a fun loving flapper with a passion for hats, while James Warwick as Tommy is all boyish charm. Following the success of Partners In Crime, a 115-minute special, The Secret Adversary, was filmed in the 1982 and explains how Tommy and Tuppence came to join forces. This show is still being repeated in the UK on Granda Plus and also elsewhere around the world.
Arthur Cox
Francesca Annis
James Warwick
Reece Dinsdale



Season 1

1The Secret Adversary1983-10-09                    More info
2Affair of the Pink Pearl1983-10-16                    More info
3The House of Lurking Death1983-10-23                    More info
4The Sunningdale Mystery1983-10-30                    More info
5The Clergyman's Daughter1983-11-06                    More info
6Finessing the King1983-11-27                    More info
7The Ambassador's Boots1983-12-04                    More info
8The Man in the Mist1983-12-11                    More info
9The Unbreakable Alibi1983-12-18                    More info
10The Case of the Missing Lady1984-01-01                    More info
11The Crackler1984-01-14                    More info

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