First Aired: January 1st 1970
Status: Continuing
Runtime: 1 minutes

Afterworld, a tale of a world trying to recover from a cataclysmic event that has changed life on Earth beyond all recognition. 99% of the population has vanished and all technology has been rendered useless. Russell is going to have to go through hell and back if he is going to be reunited with his family 3000 miles away.



Season 1

1The Big Day 2007-02-28                    More info
2Detritus 2007-03-01                    More info
3Purgatory2007-03-02                    More info
4Delondre2007-03-05                    More info
5Central Park2007-03-06                    More info
6Hibakusha2007-03-07                    More info
7Homeland Insecurity2007-03-08                    More info
8Darwin's Ghost2007-03-09                    More info
9Man of the House2007-03-12                    More info
103000 Miles2007-03-13                    More info
11Call Me Eli2007-03-14                    More info
12Terror Within2007-03-15                    More info
13House of the Speaker2007-03-16                    More info
14Detour2007-03-19                    More info
15Revelations2007-03-20                    More info
16New Eden2007-03-21                    More info
17Divine Intervention2007-03-22                    More info
18Polaroid2007-03-23                    More info
19Devil Among Us2007-03-26                    More info
20Battle Lines2007-03-27                    More info
21Aurora2007-03-28                    More info
22In Short Supply2007-03-29                    More info
23Messenger2007-03-30                    More info
24Mr. Shoemaker Goes to Ohio2007-04-02                    More info
25The First Horseman2007-04-03                    More info
2647 Minutes2007-04-04                    More info
27Subterranean2007-04-05                    More info
28Looking Glass2007-04-06                    More info
29A Quiet Place2007-04-09                    More info
30An Offering to Uktena2007-04-10                    More info
31The New Historians2007-04-11                    More info
32Fail Safe2007-04-12                    More info
33Conflicting Reports2007-04-13                    More info
34The River2007-04-19                    More info
35Conspiracies Can Come True2007-04-20                    More info
36Rose Mansion2007-04-23                    More info
37Nashville2007-04-24                    More info
38Spontaneous Combustion2007-04-25                    More info
39Temptations2007-04-26                    More info
40The Second Horseman2007-04-27                    More info
41Graceland2007-04-30                    More info
42The Virus2007-05-01                    More info
43Control Group2007-05-02                    More info
44Do No Harm2007-05-03                    More info
45A Good Lie2007-05-04                    More info
46Truth or Consequences2007-05-07                    More info
47Off the Grid2007-05-08                    More info
48The Hunter2007-05-09                    More info
49Wanted2007-05-10                    More info
50R.I.P.2007-05-11                    More info
51Oklahoma2007-05-14                    More info
52Electricity2007-05-15                    More info
53Who Are You2007-05-16                    More info
54Parthia2007-05-17                    More info
55Gone, Baby, Gone2007-05-18                    More info
56The Cobalt Clock2007-05-21                    More info
57Team Alpha2007-05-22                    More info
58Faith in Science2007-05-23                    More info
59Eve of Destruction2007-05-24                    More info
60Holiday Spirit2007-05-25                    More info
61Morningstar2007-05-28                    More info
62Warning Signs2007-05-29                    More info
63Complications2007-05-30                    More info
64What Child Is This2007-05-31                    More info
65The Brother2007-06-01                    More info
66Manhunt2007-06-04                    More info
67The Settlement2007-06-05                    More info
68Sanctuary2007-06-06                    More info
69Fight or Flight2007-06-07                    More info
70Change of Heart2007-06-08                    More info
71Welcome to the Jungle2007-06-11                    More info
72Something in the Air2007-06-12                    More info
73Burden of Guilt2007-06-13                    More info
74Prey2007-06-14                    More info
75Deja vu2007-06-15                    More info
76Helpless2007-06-18                    More info
77Gone to Ghana2007-06-19                    More info
78Solitary2007-06-20                    More info
79Almost Home2007-06-21                    More info
80The Remedy2007-06-22                    More info
81The Walker2007-06-25                    More info
82Bad Reputation2007-06-26                    More info
83Ultimatum2007-06-27                    More info
84Hidden Agenda2007-06-28                    More info
85The Ever-Changing Truth2007-06-29                    More info
86The Cartel2007-07-02                    More info
87A Window of Opportunity2007-07-03                    More info
88The Berserker2007-07-04                    More info
89Like Clockwork2007-07-05                    More info
90Fair Trade2007-07-06                    More info
91The Suicide Squad2007-07-09                    More info
92Debt Society2007-07-10                    More info
93Showtime!2007-07-11                    More info
94Double Bill2007-07-12                    More info
95Convergence2007-07-13                    More info
96The Third Horseman2007-07-16                    More info
97Change of Plans2007-07-17                    More info
98End of the Road2007-07-18                    More info
99The Grim Reaper2007-07-19                    More info
100Monumental2007-07-20                    More info
101Road to Redemption2007-07-23                    More info
102NORAD2007-07-24                    More info
103Prisoners of Fate2007-07-25                    More info
104Pushing Buttons2007-07-26                    More info
105Simple Pleasures2007-07-27                    More info
106Lake City2007-07-30                    More info
107What Lies Beneath2007-07-31                    More info
108The Devil Inside2007-08-01                    More info
109Bottom Line2007-08-02                    More info
110Pathological2007-08-03                    More info
111The Fourth Horseman2007-08-06                    More info
112Better Pill2007-08-07                    More info
113Story of the Gun2007-08-08                    More info
114A Little Help From My Friends2007-08-09                    More info
115Treasure Island2007-08-10                    More info
116The Shipment2007-08-13                    More info
117First Edition2007-08-14                    More info
118On The Record2007-08-15                    More info
119The Sting2007-08-16                    More info
120The Sting - Part Two2007-08-17                    More info
121A New Chapter2007-08-20                    More info
122Project - Continuum2007-08-21                    More info
123Truth in the Clouds2007-08-22                    More info
124Matter of Time2007-08-23                    More info
125Unholy Alliance2007-08-24                    More info
126North by Northwest2007-08-27                    More info
127The Emerald City2007-08-28                    More info
128Shoemaker & Associates2007-08-29                    More info
129809 W. Blaine St.2007-08-30                    More info
130When the Levee Breaks2007-08-31                    More info

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