A Very Peculiar Practice

First Aired: May 1st 1986
Status: Ended
Runtime: 50 minutes
ComedyCorporate environmentMedical

A Very Peculiar Practice was a British comedy show from the mid-1980s -very dark in it's humor, with extreme characterization and bizarre situations, set around a University Medical Practice. The main characters were Dr Steven Daker (the new, young, impressionable one), Dr Jock McCannon (the old, alcoholic, world-weary one), Dr Bob Buzzard (the bitter, egotistical, abrasive one) and Dr Rose Marie (the feminist, bisexual, politically motivated one). Add to these a smattering of students, lecturers, the regular love interests for Dr Daker (Lyn in Series 1, and Greta in Series 2) and the strangely compelling nuns that roamed the campus causing mayhem. Then throw in plots that cause emotional, physical, or mental reactions, and sit back to watch.

Amanda Hillwood
Barbara Flynn
David Troughton
Elaine Turrell
Graham Crowden
Graham Crowden
Joanna Kanska
Peter Davison



Season 2

1The New Frontier1988-03-02                    More info               Watch online
2Art and Illusion1988-03-09                    More info               Watch online
3May the Force Be With You1988-03-16                    More info               Watch online
4Bad Vibrations1988-03-23                    More info               Watch online
5Values of the Family1988-03-30                    More info               Watch online
6The Big Squeeze1988-04-06                    More info               Watch online
7Death of a University1988-04-13                    More info               Watch online

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