3rd and Bird

First Aired: July 1st 2008
Runtime: 10 minutes

3rd & Bird is an animated pre-school series about a community of birds that live, learn and play in the branches of a beautiful old tree. The vibrant treetop community of 3rd & Bird is alive with singing, whistling and dancing. In each episode we follow Samuel Lovebird, with his best friend Rudy and his cute little sister Muffin, Samuel embarks on colourful adventures set to beautiful music. Along the way, Samuel and his friends learn important lessons about diversity, tolerance, perseverance and community. Explore the official 3rd & Bird website. Find out the latest news on products and meet your favourite characters, listen to the music, play games, download activities and win prizes… come on everybirdy!



Season 2

1Muffinland                                         More info
2Meow Kitty                                         More info
3Mariachi Muffin                                         More info
4Beach Branch                                         More info
5Elliot the Budgie                                         More info
6Art Show                                         More info
7Down to Earth                                         More info
8Road Trip                                         More info
9Paint Job                                         More info
10Storm                                         More info
11Scooter                                         More info
12Race                                         More info
13Train                                         More info
14The Moon                                         More info
15Balloon Ride                                         More info
16Help Daddy                                         More info
17Ahoy                                         More info
18Robot                                         More info
19Baby                                         More info
20Muffin's Friend                                         More info
21Aunt Esther                                         More info
22Prince                                         More info
23Night Hike                                         More info
24Play Nicely                                         More info
25Talent Show                                         More info
26Jamaica                                         More info

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