18 To Life

First Aired: January 4th 2010
Status: Continuing
Runtime: 30 minutes
FamilyComedyEasing into adulthoodTeen

18 TO LIFE is about a couple that does the unthinkable in the name of love: they run off and get married at the tender age of 18. Their parents-next-door neighbors and polar opposites-are less than thrilled and even their peers disapprove. As Tom and Jessie struggle to become man and wife in a world that still views them as kids, the tension between their families adds a dose of biting humor to their sweet love story.
Alain Goulem
Angela Asher
Arielle Shiri
Carl Alacchi
Ellen David
Erin Agostino
Jesse Rath
Kaniehtiio Horn

18 Life Ep1 Pt2
Trailer 18 Life Season 1
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