First Aired: July 7th 2006
Status: Continuing
Runtime: 60 minutes

Psych follows Shawn Spencer who has developed a keen eye for detail after being instructed by his police officer father to note even the most minute details of his surroundings. After Shawn calls in a tip on a crime to the police, he is actually accused of committing the crime. To try to clear his name, Shawn convinces the police that he is a psychic and he begins solving cases for the police force.
Corbin Bernsen
Dulé Hill
James Roday
Kirsten Nelson
Maggie Lawson
Timothy Omundson

Psych Season 1 Episode 12
Psych Season 1 Episode 10
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Season 1

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3Peak Now or Forever Hold Your Piece2006-07-21                    More info               Watch online
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8Shawn vs. The Red Phantom2006-08-25                    More info               Watch online
9Forget Me Not2007-01-19                    More info               Watch online
10From the Earth to Starbucks2007-01-26                    More info               Watch online
11He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, He Loves Me, Oops He's Dead2007-02-02                    More info               Watch online
12Cloudy...With A Chance Of Murder2007-02-09                    More info               Watch online
13Game Set... Muuurder?2007-02-16                    More info               Watch online
14Poker? I Barely Know Her2007-02-23                    More info               Watch online
15Scary Sherry: Bianca's Toast2007-03-02                    More info               Watch online

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