In Sickness and In Health

First Aired: September 1st 1985
Status: Ended
Runtime: 30 minutes

This show is a sequel show to "Till Death Us Do Part". Much like the original show most the humour comes from Alf Garnett's strong opinions on virtually everything. His wife Else only appears in the first season. confined to a wheelchair. Following Else's death Alf has to adjust to single life. venting his anger and frustration on people around him. He spends much of his time with his upstairs neighbour Mrs Hollingberry
Arthur English
Carmel McSharry
Dandy Nichols
Eamonn Walker
Eileen Kennally
Ken Campbell
Tricia Kelly
Tricia Kelly



Season 2

1The Funeral1986-09-04                    More info               Watch online
2Episode 91986-09-11                    More info               Watch online
3Episode 101986-09-18                    More info               Watch online
4Episode 111986-09-25                    More info               Watch online
5Episode 121986-10-02                    More info               Watch online
6Episode 131986-10-09                    More info               Watch online

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